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Soft Armor Vest and Ranges are the only approved protective gear for U.S. Armed Forces and Navy Midsummer Exercise. It is important to note that our Martial Arts training instructors in the U.S. Military, our Navy and Air Force have been specifically trained in protective gear use and/or range training to prepare for this and other future encounters with a combatant force that relies heavily on its ability to move quickly, get to the action quickly and stay out of harm’s way. The range aspect of training is essential to our team readiness. We always have had and always will depend on our Martial Arts training for getting us from Point A to Point B. Range Belts and Vests are very important to helping us accomplish these goals.

Today there are a wide variety of Soft Armor Vests, ranging from personal protective equipment (PPE) like soft armor vests (PV) and women’s tactical vests (TVA), to modular tactical gear plate carriers vests (MTV), soft armor vests that can be used in both training and combat. There are ranges of protective gear and vests available that are specific to law enforcement agencies, FBI, military, and even for civilian use. In fact, it is a big business today in the United States to supply and sell protective equipment and protection products to our military and our law enforcement personnel. Vests like the Soft Armor Vest and Ranges allow us to keep up with our professional and personal needs.

In order to get price free sample contact us online by filling out our online form and shipping directly to you. You get a price protection and discounts on your selection. Select one size fits most or select from our selection of colors and prints. Some are camouflage, so they blend well with any outfit. You can use them for camping or other activities outdoors. They make a perfect gift for an individual in your life as well as an item that will protect them.